Puppy grooming in Walton, Weybridge, West Byfleet, Hersham, Esher, Cobham and Woking from Wagtails of Weybridge.

Wagtails of Weybridge are experts in dog grooming but a question we get asked all the time is: Do you groom puppies and is it safe and painless for them?

Well, simply the answer is ‘yes’ and we can’t recommend it enough. We have listed just a few of the benefits that grooming your puppy has for both them, and you.

  • Interaction with other humans – the groomer(s)
  • Confidence with water and bathing especially the face, head and ears
  • The chance to meet and interact with other puppies and dogs that happen to be at the salon
  • The ability to get used to at an early and inquisitive age water, soap suds and the all important ‘hair dryer’
  • lastly a treat for their experience and a fresh smelling, clean and tidy looking puppy for the owner!

What age can I have my puppy groomed?

We would really only suggest grooming and bathing your puppy once they are able to go outdoors and start exploring. They will have a tendency to stick their noses and paws in all sorts of places and for this reason we recommend a good clean and a freshen up. Once they start to grow their seasonal coats and shed hair or become a little straggly then we would recommend a trim depending on the breed and individual hair length.

Bring your adorable puppy to Wagtails of Weybridge and have them added tot he wall of fame!

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