‘Hot dog’ to ‘cool dog’ grooming in Surrey!

Summer is here and we are all feeling the heat. We can take a layer of clothing off or switch on the air conditioning to cool ourselves down a little but out beloved dogs are not so fortunate. Some dogs have short hair others long hair, either way the increase in temperatures affects them. Dogs in summer suffer, let them suffer no more!

In order to cool themselves, dogs shed more hair at this time of year as most breeds lose their winter or spring coats and get their summer growth. This usually ends up on our floors, carpets, car seats and generally everywhere!

Wagtails of Weybridge can groom your dog to a comfortable hair length to keep your dog nice and cool but not cold!

Added to that each dog is expertly brushed and de-haired which removes 90% of all lose hairs from their old and new coats.

We can groom your dog or puppy at any age, providing them with a deep clean, trim and thorough brushing. All dogs and puppies that leave Wagtails of Weybridge leave smelling incredible due to the amazing array of world class products we use.

So if your dog is smelling, panting too much in the heat or simply needs a clean and a trim to look good, then contact Wagtails of Weybridge.

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