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Dog agility is a fantastic sport for both dog handler and dog, it requires both parties to work together and helps form a strong bond between the two of you – it’s so much fun both parties. Agility is an obstacle course for the dog to go around whilst the handler instructs the dog where to go. This can involve as much physical exercise for the handler or as little as you wish, it’s an excellent sport that accommodates all capabilities of exercise.

And the great thing about Agility is that any type of dog can go, small dogs to big dogs, whatever the age young or old (as long as it’s over 9 months) – it doesn’t matter. It’s a fantastic way to keep the dog active, teach it new tricks and also helps with obedience in normal day to day life.

Agility courses involve stimulation for the dog as well as the handler, as each course requires handling strategies with specific moves from both handler and dog. The aim is to get around the course as quickly as possible by making no, or as little errors as possible. A fantastic challenge – and an amazing feeling when accomplished.

Not only is it a challenge but it’s also very sociable, getting to meet like-minded people who vary from teenagers, men and women of all ages. And for those who are competitive you can even enter competitions which take place locally and all over the UK.

We go to Scrambles based in Apps Court Farm in Walton on Thames – they are a friendly bunch and we all look out for each other, new members are welcome and are made to feel at home from the first class onwards.

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Dog Agility Weybridge

Video Examples

Wagtails came 5th out of hundreds of people at an agility competition – it was our first Kennel Club competition!

Wagtails finish 5th at agility competition

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