Broncos Academy player to the rescue

London Broncos academy player, Matt Davies, was just making his way home from work as he has always done in leafy Surrey when something caught his eye.

“I was just driving home minding my own business,” Matt said, “When I heard a lady calling out as if she had lost someone.”

Louisa Wellington, from Wagtails of Weybridge Dog Groomers, just happened to be out that day walking her dogs in the woodland around Wisley as Matt drove past.

Louisa said, “I was out running with my dogs in the woods when I lost sight of one of them. As I was calling out for Barney a car pulled up and asked me if everything was okay. I explained the situation and the young man, Matt, took it upon himself to help me out without my even having to ask for his assistance.”

Matt waded through the thick brambles and stayed with Louisa the whole time until he had found the lost dog.

“I just wanted to help out as the lady seemed in distress. It was the least I could do.”

Louisa contacted the Broncos and said, “What an amazing young man and a credit to the London Broncos. These kind gestures are few and far between these days so I had to take time out to say thank you.”

Matt has decided to continue his work helping the community by joining the London Rugby League Foundation and the Community Broncos teams on a full time basis.

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